The Page About Carefully Laid Plans, A Cold Shower, and a Perfect COVID Wedding Day

Episode 70

Has it ever happened to you that you really look forward to something, you can’t wait for it to happen, it means so much to you…

And then things go south, something unexpected happens, and it suddenly feels that this whole thing that you were looking forward to so much got completely ruined. 

But did it, really?

Today’s page of the Breverie Handbook is about how my wedding day didn’t exactly start as I’d hoped it would (quite the opposite in fact), and how it ended with lots and lots of laughter.

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We got engaged in June of 2019. And despite Kevin asking me “to enjoy being engaged for a while before we get busy planning the wedding”, I was only able to do it for 1 week – after that, I was ready to secure the date and start arranging everything!

I feel like there are 2 types of people: those who choose their wedding date because this particular date means something to them, and those who select it based on the availability of their dream wedding venue, or their favorite wedding vendor.

In my case, it was a wedding photographer. I had been secretly following her for a while already – hoping that someday I would need her services.

And so after a short back and forth with her, the date was confirmed – June 27, 2020.

In February of 2020 when we first heard about this new weird disease called coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, I wasn’t worried at all – I remembered a few other epidemics in the previous 10 years, and all of them were not as scary as the media were trying to make it sound.

When everything got shut down in March of 2020, we still did not think it would affect our wedding – we still had 3 full months!

When May came and everything was still shut down, including the place where we were supposed to get our marriage license – this is when I got seriously scared that we might have to push our wedding date. 

It was time for plan B.

At first, we were thinking of postponing our wedding by a month or two (thank god we didn’t do it!) – we thought by August it would definitely be over!

But what we ended up doing was moving our big wedding reception to 2021 (spoiler alert – that didn’t happen), and having a small intimate wedding ceremony instead. 

We were just praying that the chapel where the ceremony was going to take place would reopen by the end of June and that we would be able to get our marriage license somewhere – which we did but we had to drive all the way to Orange County for it because LA County was completely shut down.

Up until the actual week of the wedding, we couldn’t be certain that our wedding would actually happen. Any minute the state or the county could announce some new regulation that would make us push everything. 

And so, when June 26 finally came and everything was still looking good,

I felt so relieved. 

I just felt so happy that, after all these months of uncertainty, we could finally get excited about our wedding day. 

We are getting married tomorrow!

We had two beautiful suites booked for our wedding weekend at this gorgeous ocean-facing resort in Orange County, and we were heading there later that day!

It so happened that, because we had booked these suites separately, they were booked under 2 different names – mine and Kevin’s. And it also so happened that the night before the wedding I was gonna stay in a suite booked under Kevin’s name, and he’d stay in a suite booked under mine.

We got to the hotel in the afternoon, relaxed for a few hours, and then had dinner with our friends – they had just flown all the way from Denver to attend our wedding! 

I got back to my room at around 10 pm. I was exhausted after the travel, having dinner, and making the final arrangements, and I had a very busy day ahead of me – so I was very much ready for bed. 

But I needed to take a shower and wash my hair because my hair stylist was supposed to arrive at 6:30 in the morning, and she had given me clear instructions that my hair needs to be freshly washed for her to do her magic.

I hopped in the shower and turned on the water. It was cold. I played with the valve, moved it here and there trying to figure out how to turn on the hot water. 

But it was not working – the water was freezing cold.

“Well, maybe I need to let it run for a few minutes.”

I left the water running and walked back to the bedroom. I waited about 10 minutes and got back to the shower. The water is still cold.

“Okay, this is NOT good.”

I called the front desk and told them about my problem with the water. 

“I really need someone to come out and fix it soon”. 

“Of course, we’ll send a technician to take a look at it”. 

“Thank you!”

I came back to the bedroom and lied on the bed. 

“Okay, I guess now I need to wait for the technician to come…”

“Should I call Kevin and see if I can take a shower in his suite? No, he must be asleep already, and his friend is staying with him… So I guess I’ll just wait…”

It was already almost 11pm, and I was exhausted. But I needed that water to be fixed! So I was laying in bed and playing with my phone trying not to fall asleep.

Suddenly, I woke up. 

“Oh I guess I fell asleep… What time is it?” 

It was 2 in the morning. I didn’t remember anyone knocking on the door to fix my water, but maybe they didn’t have to come into the suite? 

I went to the bathroom to see if the water had been fixed. No. It is still freezing cold.

“Crap! What do I do?? I cannot NOT wash my hair, they have to fix my water before 6:30…”

But I was too exhausted to think about it or do anything about it. 

My hair stylist was arriving in less than 5 hours, and I had such a big day tomorrow (or today) – I desperately needed to get some rest. All I wanted was to get back to bed and close my eyes…

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Until next time,

Olena xx

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