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What do we usually do when we want things to go perfectly? We come up with a plan, right?

But sometimes, things just don’t seem to work in our favor, no matter how hard we try. And we say, “screw it”, and we give up. But then, somehow we end up with the best possible outcome – something completely unexpected, but that makes our day!

In this episode, take a trip to Belize with me as I tell you about a family adventure that didn’t really go according to plan, and how instead it turned out to be so much better.

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We very much like to do things together as a family – we even go grocery shopping together every weekend!

It was never really like this in my family – my dad would go to the market to get groceries, while my mom, my sister and I would clean our apartment every week – it was all about making it more effective I guess, and less about spending time together as a family.

And I am very happy that in our family it’s quite different. Whether it’s walking Dasha to or from school, going grocery shopping, going to the rock climbing gym or a boxing gym, we always try to do it together as a family.

It works perfectly when an activity in question is something that each one of us loves equally. But of course, it’s hard to expect that three people will always like the same thing, so there are activities that some of us enjoy more than others.

Snorkeling is one of them. Dasha and I really enjoy it. We enjoy being in the water, period, and last summer I even introduced Dasha to scuba diving in the Bahamas. Later she said it was the highlight of the whole trip!

The little issue is – Kevin is not a big fan of either of these activities. For scuba diving, he immediately said he’d never even try – he said he hates the idea of being underwater too much. And when it comes to snorkeling, he is okay doing it, but it’s not something he would go out of his way to do.

Last fall, we took a family trip to Belize – a little country in Central America that is very famous for its barrier reef – the second-largest coral reef in the world. And of course I couldn’t miss an opportunity to see the sea life that inhabits this reef!

Of course, I wanted all three of us to do it together, so diving was out of the question – Kevin would never agree to it. But snorkeling sounded like a really nice idea – especially because the hotel we were staying in was sitting right next to the reef – so I was hoping to see lots and lots of fish right off the shore! I was already picturing a sandy beach with palm trees everywhere, and crystal clear water with fish swimming around you.

The very first morning after we arrived, we grabbed our masks and snorkels and went to the beach… but we quickly discovered two problems.

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Until next time,

Olena xx

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