Self check for the new month

September 28, 2021

Written by

Breverie Team

It’s almost a new month, friends! We hope September has treated you well so far and you are ready for October. A new month means it’s time to do a system, course, and self check ?

How you ask?

Answering the following questions will help you:

What were your main successes this month? What are you most proud of?

It’s so important to focus on the positive. We often find ourselves dwelling on what didn’t go well. This won’t lead us toward success.

Appreciate the small wins and how far you’ve actually come. Whether you have made small or big steps, there’s always something to be proud of.

How did this month go overall?

Did you achieve everything you’d planned to do?

What were your goals for this month and did you make any progress?

Was the process difficult or easy?

Everyone’s path toward success will have twists and turns. No path will be alike. It’s ok if you made progress and it’s ok if you didn’t. As long as you analyze the HOW, you can make a positive change.

If this month has been good, what helped you make it successful?

Make sure to put yourself in a supportive environment. Whether it’s a family member, a close friend, or a community that you are involved in.

Surround yourself with people who are going to not only lift you up but also help hold you accountable.

Were the conditions right? Life happens and sometimes it gets in the way of what we are striving for. Did you get through the ups and downs this month and come out on the other side?

If this month hasn’t been so good, what can you learn from it?

What can you do differently? It’s ok to to not always accomplish 100% of your plan.

It’s all about the tiny wins, the small steps. Any progress is good progress.

Did you make mistakes along the way? That’s normal. As long as you learn something new and improve, it’s a success to celebrate!

What is your main focus for next month?

Priority. It’s singular, not plural.

Make one priority and focus solely on that. Don’t stretch yourself too thin.

It wasn’t until several decades ago that the word priority became plural. We’ve now changed the definition to include many which only brings on more stress.

Here at Breverie, we want to bring back the original singular meaning so we can help create your pathway to success!

One focus. One priority.

Breverie app will help perform and encourage these regular self checks to help you stay on track!

Let us know in the comments how September treated you. We want to celebrate YOU!

With Love,
Breverie Team ❤️

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