Our 10 favorite movies for personal growth

October 21, 2022

Written by

Breverie Team

There’s nothing better than getting comfy and cozy on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a good movie!

We are approaching the holidays, which means you might have some time off here and there. Time to work on your goals and your personal growth. Time to just chill.

Why not do both!?

Below are the 10 movies we love that will inspire you, spark an idea, make you cry, and relate to you!

Sometimes it just takes a good movie to visually and emotionally reconnect with yourself and ignite that passion again!

Love Actually

Couples and their love journies. This holiday rom-com is a perfect reminder that our relationships with one another matter the most in this life.

If you’re looking for love on your personal growth journey, this is such a heartwarming film.

Breverie reminder: Remember–you are loved. ❤️

Eat Pray Love

When you realize how unhappy you are, it’s time to make a change. Jump into the unknown.

That’s exactly what Julia Roberts’ character does in Eat Pray Love. She goes off on an epic travel journey around the world to help find herself at this new stage in her life.

It’s one we can all relate to and be inspired by.

Breverie reminder: The answers you are looking for are within. The way to find them is to create space where you can hear yourself. ❤️

Julie & Julia

Ready to learn something new? This movie will undoubtedly motivate you to go all in!

Learn about Julia Childs’ fearless attitude and how one woman years later sets a goal to try all of Julia’s recipes and blog all about her journey.

What’s for dinner?

Breverie reminder: Setting goals is great. But real magic happens along the way, not at the destination. ❤️

The Pursuit of Happyness

Aren’t we all in this constant pursuit to find our happiness? This movie will tug at your heartstrings for sure and take you on the emotional rollercoaster of following your dreams.

Not only is this father trying to pursue a huge career shift, but he’s teaching his son along the way important life lessons. Never give up.

Breverie reminder: We feel our happiest when we do what we love and when we put that to use in a bigger cause that matters to us. ❤️

The Devil Wears Prada

High fashion. High expectations. Anne Hathaway is in the classic role as the girl who doesn’t quite fit in, loses herself a bit as she moves up the corporate ladder, and finds herself once again.

This is a ladies’ classic choice for the rebirth of one’s self. And Meryl, I mean… it’s Meryl Streep – you can’t go wrong! She’s already in TWO of our top 10 movies!

Breverie reminder: Putting yourself first is not selfish. It is the only way you truly show yourself that you care about yourself. ❤️

Hidden Figures

Follow the inspirational story of three black women working for NASA in the early 1960s. You can imagine the obstacles they faced as they worked effortlessly to make a name for themselves and show off their talents and wit.

You will face obstacles on your personal growth journey as you try to reach your goals. See how these women continued the good fight and showed the world what it means to make a difference.

Breverie reminder: Have a strong “why”, and no obstacles will be big enough to stop you. ❤️

Good Will Hunting

Talk about personal growth! Good Will Hunting is the epitome of personal growth!

Follow Will Hunting as he goes from getting involved with criminal activity to accepting who he really is and his talents, along with accepting love.

When you believe in yourself, that’s when true change can happen. An amazing story with amazing actors.


Breverie reminder: You are capable. You are worthy. Just the way you are. ❤️

Soul Surfer

Bethany Hamilton’s real-life courageous story of overcoming tragedy is one to get to know.

Watch Soul Surfer and understand how Bethany, who lost her arm in a shark attack, gets through it all and gets back on the surfboard with the utmost determination.

She’s fearless – we can all gain something from her powerful story.

Breverie reminder: You are brave–always remember that. ❤️

The Bucket List

Life is worth LIVING. Sometimes we wait until retirement or until we have “time” to do the things we really want to accomplish.

This movie is a perfect reminder that we need to LIVE while we’re here on this earth. Love the people in your corner and DO the things you want to do.

Build your bucket list and start pursuing it now – don’t wait!

Breverie reminder: Right now, this moment, is THE time to live. What are you grateful for? What do you love about your life? Take your time and think about it–it will allow you to be present in this moment. ❤️

Inside Out

Inside Out is an animated film that really broke a lot of norms. The focus is on the taboo topic: our feelings and our emotions.

Learn that accepting and acknowledging your emotions will help you grow, not hinder you.

Breverie reminder: Your emotions are your compass–they tell you if you are moving in the right direction. All you need to do is listen. ❤️

Bonus: Wild

When your life goes in a completely different direction than you planned or tragedy strikes, it’s hard to deal with it all without losing yourself in the process.

Reese Witherspoon’s character decides to take a 1,100 mile journey to find herself again.

Based on Cheryl Strayed’s memoir, this story covers her solo hike on the Pacific Crest Trail and what she endured and learned along the way.

Breverie reminder: At some point in your life you might be presented with a choice–to keep carrying all the luggage from the past, or to release it. What will you choose? ❤️

Are you ready to put your feet up, grab that popcorn, and get started on this epic movie list?

We are too!

Tell us, what movies would you add to this list and why? Start scheduling your holiday movie calendar now!

The Breverie Team 💖

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