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Your introduction to the 7-component Life Design framework

Learn the new way to navigate change—big or small, planned or unplanned—in the midst of your busy life.

Who is it for?

In short—for a busy woman who is actively looking for ways to improve her life but is having a very hard time with change.

Whether you...

  • Are currently in the process of navigating a life transition, or preparing for one, and you need clarity about what to do next...
  • Feel like something is missing in your life, but cannot grasp what the problem is and what to do about it...
  • Know exactly what you want to change, but for some reason those goals won't stick and old habits keep coming back...
  • Don’t want to change anything but want to be prepared for when something does happen and you have to change...

As long as any of the thoughts below have crossed your mind at least once in the past 6 months:

"I wish..."
"I want to do/be/feel..."

"I don't want to do/be/feel..."
"I am tired of..."
"If only..."
"What if..."
"How can I..."

...this prerecorded class is an absolute must-have for you!

These are some of the changes that our students have introduced in their lives successfully in the past—let's see if you find yours in there!

Navigating Change workshop - Change examples

Meet your trainer

Hey, I'm Olena Mytruk!

And it just so happened that I know a lot about change.

I have moved countries as a single mother—in 2015, I went through the divorce after 9 years of marriage, and 2 years later I moved from Ukraine to the United States together with my 4-year-old daughter.

I have been in the corporate world for 17 years, and in these 17 years I have climbed all the way from being a straight-out-of-college girl who didn't know what she was doing up to the executive level position, and I have made quite a few career shifts along the way.

3 years ago, I started my own company, Breverie, and in this short period of time I have already pivoted several times in order to keep up with the fast pace of the world.

There were times when I was looking for a change. There were also times when I was forced into it. But regardless of the circumstances, something always stayed the same:

Change is scary. You can never be fully ready for it. You can never really know what will happen—even if you think you do. 

But the truth is—it is not a matter of if change will happen in your life or not. It is a matter of when it will happen.

Change is an inevitable part of life.

I want to help you prepare for a change that will happen, whether planned or unplanned. And to help you navigate it successfully.

Because here is something else I learned:

It is actually easy to "decide" to change something. What is hard is to implement this change—while dealing with everything that life throws at you every day. And this is exactly what this class is about.

In this class, you will learn...

    Why it is so hard to make long-lasting changes in your life, and how to actually make it happen.What it really means to have the courage to take the leap, and how it all comes down to a simple "balancing act".What is Miller's Law, and what it has to do with procrastination and your inability to make the time for yourself even though you "know" it is important.What four essential things you need in order to navigate life changes successfully, and why you never seem to have enough of them.Where to look for clarity about what exactly you want to change in your life.And more!


And if you are ready to take it to the whole new level, I invite you to join me inside the...

Life Design Academy

—12-week online practical learning program that will equip you with the complete life design framework needed to introduce, sustain, and enhance the positive change in your life.

Imagine an educational program that has all the most impactful, fun, and exciting parts of the learning experience—such as engaging practical projects, group debates and brainstorming, deep connections, and lifetime friendships—while leaving behind strict schedules, useless tests, and boring lectures.

This is what the Life Design Academy is like. 

If you are...

  • Excited to try something new in life
  • Open to exploring and experimenting
  • Curious to see what could happen if you approach your life differently
  • Not afraid to gain new perspectives and break the usual patterns

...then this class is for you!