Mindcation retreat

Take your mind on vacation, and come back recharged and refreshed—in time for dinner

This online 1-on-1 guided mindfulness and self-discovery experience is designed to leave you feeling recharged, refreshed, and with a renewed sense of clarity and direction about your life—all in 3 hours, and without having to leave your house or spend a fortune on a family trip.

“I need a vacation!”—

you’ve been working so hard, and you desperately need a break.

But then your thoughts start spinning:

“I want some privacy, so we’ll need a suite... And it’s going to cost a fortune... And it’s not school break season, and I can’t pull my kids out of school... But going on a trip during the school break is going to be a nightmare... Oh and by the way, the last time we took a family vacation it wasn’t even relaxing at all and I got home feeling even more exhausted!

If only could I take a solo trip... But no, I cannot do that—I cannot leave my family and go on vacation without them, I will feel too bad about it...”

It feels like a lose-lose situation...

But what if I told you that what you really need is not a vacation?

There is another solution—a better one.

A solution that doesn’t require you to take your whole family on an expensive (and stressful) trip, or feel guilty for leaving them at home. Because, if you think about it…

It is not your body that needs a getaway—it is your mind.

What you really need is quality alone time—to unplug and disconnect from the external noise, to listen to yourself, to lean into your vision and dreams. And with the right guidance, you can achieve all of that without having to leave your house, and in as little as 3 hours.

Indulge yourself with the Mindcation Retreat, and get all the benefits of a full-week relaxing getaway in the comfort of your own home.

What to expect

Your Mindcation Retreat experience will happen on Zoom. It will last 3 hours and will consist of the following parts.


Part 1: Dream & Visualize

1.5 hours

This is the time for you to virtually transport yourself to your dream vacation. With the help of mindfulness exercises and thought-provoking questions, I will help you fully immerse yourself in your happy place—a place where you can freely and openly reconnect with who you are.

We will dive deep into your vision, core values, and personal strengths, and you will start gaining a sense of clarity about what you truly want your life to look like.

I will be taking a lot of notes during this part of the experience—I’ll use them as a foundation for the vision board that I will put together for you in Part 2.


Part 2: Dive Deep & Explore

1 hour

For this part of your experience, I have prepared a fun self-discovery assignment for you.

I’ll turn on relaxing music, and you will do an hour of self-work. Using the workbook that I'll share with you, you will answer more thought-provoking questions—with the goal to get inspired and dive even deeper into your core values and personal strengths.

While you work on the workbook (you can either print it or fill it in online—whichever works best), I will do some magic behind the scenes and will turn everything you shared with me during Part 1 into your personal vision board.


Part 3: Set Direction

30 minutes

This is the most exciting part of the whole experience!

First, I will reveal your vision board to you. Together, we will adjust it so that it fully reflects your feelings and your vision. 

Then, we will brainstorm around what tangible changes you can make to your life today in order to bring this vision to reality. Now that you feel recharged and refreshed, I will help you answer the following question:

“How can I carry this positive energy into my daily life?”

You will walk away from this session feeling like you just got back from a relaxing vacation.

You will have clarity about your life and where you want to take it. And most importantly, you will know exactly what steps to take next, and you will feel inspired to take those steps.

No vacation is long enough to replace your life.

Your life happens here and now. And it is essential that you learn how to live your life today, how to enjoy it and make the most of it today.

This is exactly what the Mindcation Retreat will teach you.



  • 3-hour private guided mindfulness and self-discovery session
  • Online vision board inspired by who you are
  • Detailed action plan to align your daily life with your vision
  • Plus two printable workbooks to discover your strengths and values

(Or schedule a free 30-minute consultation first to make sure this session is the right fit for you.)

Meet your guide

Hello, my name is Olena Mytruk. I am a life design educator, and the Founder and Chief Education Officer of Breverie—a company providing unique learning programs and experiences for modern multifaceted women designed to equip them with the essential life skills and tools required to successfully cope with their busy lives.

My students are hard-working, high-achieving millennial women. Many of them are working mothers, and all of them wear many different hats and juggle a lot of duties and responsibilities every day. 

If this is you, then you are in the right place.

Using a combination of positive psychology studies, mindfulness practices, personal growth tools, systems thinking approach, and experiential learning methods, I teach my students how to maximize their time and energy and how to steer their lives in the right direction no matter what challenges they might face along the way.

Book your Mindcation Retreat today:

  • 3-hour private guided mindfulness and self-discovery session
  • Online vision board inspired by who you are
  • Detailed action plan to align your daily life with your vision
  • Plus two printable workbooks to discover your strengths and values


Or schedule a free 30-minute consultation first to see if the Mindcation Retreat is the right fit for you.