My name is Olena Mytruk

I'm a life design coach and mentor for modern, busy, mission-driven women. I am also the host of The Spark Your Life Podcast and creator of the Breverie Life Design System.

But first and foremost, I am a modern, busy, mission-driven woman myself.

Here's my story...

I built a successful career and a successful business. I am a wife and a mom to the 10-year-old (that behaves like a teenager lol). I exercise consistently, travel the world and grow orchids in my backyard (sometimes successfully and sometimes not).

And you know what? I absolutely LOVE my busy life. 

I've heard a countless times that BUSY is BAD, that I need to stop being busy. I've heard people say that I work too much and that I am sacrificing my happiness for success.



I believe that you can have it ALL without guilt.
I believe that you can thrive in both work and life.
I believe that you can be both happy and successful – all at the same time.

It is NOT busy that is a problem. In fact, being busy is GOOD!

Don't believe me? Just think about the following. Having a busy life means that:

  • You are passionate
  • You care
  • Your life is full, interesting and exciting

And we call this BAD?

I am sure you also heard all this nonsense before. Well, I can tell you now that you are NOT going to hear it on this website.

instead, my mission is to help you embrace your busyness and to turn it into your superpower.

My mission is to help you design your life around who you are and what you believe. And then LIVE it.

This is exactly how I am living my own life right now, and I am absolutely LOVING it.


Before we get any further, let me get something straight.

My life wasn’t always like that. In fact, it was quite the opposite. For many years, I didn't even know what it's like to be living MY life. I was so busy trying to please everyone around me that I didn't have any time to ask myself a simple question, "What do I want, really?"

Until one day I decided that I had enough. I was ready to change my life.

And I started looking for a way to do it.

I was looking for a life compass – to discover what is important to me and to align my goals and actions with it.

I was looking for a map – to help me see the full holistic picture of my whole life, instead of constantly seeing fragmented pieces of it.

I was looking for a driving force – to give me strength, confidence and energy so I can push forward.

I was looking, and I couldn't find anything.

All I could find were some random tactics and lessons that weren't really helping me.

But I knew I needed a good system in place – not to limit myself, but rather to empower myself and to show myself where I want to take my life and how I can do it.


Not sure...

where to begin?

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