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...While feeling empowered, confident and overwhelmingly thankful for the kind of life you are creating for yourself.

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I know, friend. You've tried it all.

New Year’s resolutions, accountability buddies, SMART goals, planners, challenges, habit trackers, personal development books and podcasts – these have all become your best friends. With one exception – they are NOT helping you.

  • You struggle to stay consistent with your goals. (you make it work for a month or two, but then you slip)
  • You procrastinate and can't get yourself to even start. (you joke about it with your friends, but deep inside you are full of fear and doubts) 
  • You keep saying "yes" to unimportant distractions, while putting on hold things that really matter. (when was the last time you did something just for yourself?)
  • You fixate too much on the end result, and it completely destroys your creativity. (you wish you could change that, but you don't know how)
  • You keep visualizing your dream life, but nothing happens. (it is so far and so unrealistic! I can never get there!)
  • You feel like you constantly have to force yourself before you are ready. (and this external pressure and constant stress is killing you)

You're like a bird with clipped wings...

And now, close your eyes and picture the following...

  • You are pursuing your goals with passion and confidence.
  • You wake up every morning looking forward to another day.
  • You feel empowered and inspired.
  • You are overwhelmingly grateful for everything you have accomplished.
  • You look back and feel exceedingly proud for how far you've come.
  • You look into the future, and you clearly see your dream life and how you are going to get there.


And let me tell you something... 

It ALL becomes possible once you tap into your WHY.

Once that happens, you begin to pursue your TRUE goals and dreams, and you begin to achieve them FREELY and EFFORTLESSLY.

You begin to create the life for yourself that is WORTH LIVING – life where you feel perfectly alive, where you are confident in your abilities, where you feel overwhelmingly proud for how much you have accomplished, and feel exceedingly excited about what's yet to come.

do you want to learn how to make it happen?

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I'll be honest with you – it is a long journey. But...

it all starts with three steps:


Understand on the deepest level what motivates YOU to take action

Because it is NOT what goals you set, it is WHY you set them.

Not all types of motivation are created equal – while some will lead you to feeling strong, confident and empowered, others will drain you instead.

If you want to start living YOUR life, it is essential that you learn how to distinguish the RIGHT goals from the WRONG ones – how to understand which ones are truly driven by your values and your desires, and which ones come from fear, external pressure, other people's expectations of you and your own limiting beliefs about yourself.


Gain clarity about YOUR desired destination.

What is it EXACTLY that you want to create? What does it look like? What does it feel like? 

Visualize your destination – see it, feel it. Then visualize how you are going to get there, what obstacles you might encounter along the way, and how you will overcome them. It will prepare and equip you for the upcoming journey.


Take the FIRST step.

It all comes down to the balance – your fears, self doubts and external distractions on one hand, and your motivation, your desire to achieve it, your willingness to embrace the journey and your commitment to the outcome on the other hand.

And once the latter outweighs the former, you become unstoppable.

Olena Mytruk

and now that you know what you need to do...

I am here to teach you exactly HOW to do it.

Introducing LIVE Masterclass

3-STEP FORMULA: How to set goals that EMPOWER

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During this Masterclass, you will...

(Using my signature 3-STEP Goal Setting Formula)


Create goal motivation map.

You will map all your goals and will learn WHAT motivates you to work on these goals – so you can identify which of your goals are the ones you should ACTUALLY be working on.


Define the roadmap towards your goals.

You will create the path towards your goals, while planning for the possible obstacles and discovering alternative ways to overcome them.


Set implementation intention.

You will define exact next steps, and will do it in a way that will help you to actually START taking action.

Olena Mytruk at Rice University

You will learn...

  • Different types of motivation, why the strongest motivation isn't always the BEST, and which types of motivation you should be using more of. 
  • Motivation mapping framework to map your goals and to identify the ones that you REALLY should focus on.
  • Two cycles of action/inaction – why you get stuck in the inaction cycle and how to fix that. 
  • Life paradox related to the highest productivity and potential, and the BEST way to achieve results.
  • Specific technique that will increase your chances of ACTUALLY taking action by 40%
  • Miracle question that will allow you to gain clarity about your goals.
  • Goal visualization framework to map out your path towards your goals, while planning for the possible obstacles. 

Just imagine what it would be like to...

Move from...

...Spinning your wheels for nothing, working SO hard and not seeing any results...

...Having to say "yes" to things that others demand from you, while never being able to dedicate time to what truly matters to YOU...

...Feeling stuck and lost, tired of constantly trying and failing, being full of self doubt...

and to...

...Being crystal clear about what you want and how to get there...

...Feeling strong, confident, empowered and inspired while pursuing your dreams and loving every moment of it...

...Knowing that there is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve...

Hello, I'm Olena!

For many years, I struggled with one big problem. I knew I wasn't satisfied with my life. I knew things needed to change.

And I knew WHAT I needed to do in order to shift things around in my life. I knew I needed to connect with myself and with my WHY, I needed to set the RIGHT goals for myself and to build up the strength and confidence to pursue them.

However, no one was able to tell me HOW to actually do it.

All the advice I was able to find was either too abstract and too high-level and so I had no idea what to do with it, or it was too superficial and therefore completely useless.

It took me YEARS to figure out the actual HOW – HOW to connect with my WHY, HOW to plan for the possible obstacles, HOW to move from procrastination to action, HOW to start setting goals that are actually the RIGHT goals for me.

And this is why this Masterclass is unique: in addition to teaching you the WHAT (which you might, or might not be already aware of), it also teaches you the HOW.

Because I don't want you to spend any more time trying to figure it all out on your own.

Olena Mytruk at Rice University

Olena has the ability to really dive into the heart of the matter. Yes, goals are great, but Olena hones in on the WHY of it all which is so important. You don’t want to build your ladder against the wrong building. Olena helps you figure out the right building, then you can build your ladder. 

joanna waterfall, founder of yellowco

You spent enough time NOT seeing the results you deserve – now is the time to finally CHANGE that.

Here's what you get once you sign up:

  • Participation in the LIVE interactive Masterclass event – be ready to ask questions! 
  • Downloadable workbook in the PDF format with all the exercises that we will go through during the Masterclass.
  • Access to the Masterclass recording for 6 months after the live event.
  • BONUS: 2 months FREE of the Breverie App subscription (for iOS users only).

this masterclass is for you, if...

  • You are TIRED of blindly following other people's advice – you want to learn what's right for YOU.
  • You want to be living YOUR dream life, not someone else's.
  • You know that no answers can be found outside – the only place where they exist is inside YOU, and you need to uncover them.
  • You feel that there is so much MORE you could be doing right now, that you could be living a much more joyful and fulfilled life.  
  • You want to STOP spinning the wheels for nothing and want to finally start seeing results.

You know that things need to change in your life. And you are READY for this change to happen.

If you made it this far...

Then you are likely wondering...

"What if I am not able to watch it live..."

Don't worry about it – I completely understand that something might come up, that's why you will have access to the masterclass recording for six months after the live event! All you will need to do is find about 2 hours to watch it, and then allocate a few more hours to complete the exercises. Having said that, if you can join the live event, I would highly encourage you to do so.

"What if it's just a waste of time..."

You already know that learning more about yourself is never a waste of time. Ask yourself – if this masterclass only brings you one insight, one a-ha moment or one breakthrough (and I am confident there will be more), wouldn't that already be worth it?

"What if I don't know how to implement everything I learn..."

I will give you all the exercises you need, and I will walk you through them during the masterclass so you know exactly what to do. Moreover, if you join the live event you will be able to ask specific questions that YOU want to have answers to. And spoiler alert: there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions and get them answered even after the event! (more on that to come at the end of the masterclass)

Do you have any other questions?

Just send me an email at olena@thebreverie.com, and let's chat!

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