Life Mapping Workshop

Organize your life, and say “goodbye” to chaos and overwhelm—once and for all

This 90-minute private online workshop will equip you with the complete map of your life and with the exact tools you need in order to set, and defend, your priorities—so that you can finally get important things done without rushing or multitasking

Does it feel like everything keeps falling on your plate all at once?

“My life is chaos. I don't know what to focus on.” 

“Things keep piling on my to-do list. Everything is a priority.” 

“When I focus on something, something else falls apart.” 

“I feel like I am constantly forgetting something important or failing somewhere.”

“It’s like I always try to catch up instead of being ahead.” 

“I can barely keep my head above the water."

Does any of the above sound familiar?

Whenever we have too much going on, our natural instinct suggests the following solution:


Because, in order to get more done in the same amount of time, we need to work faster and/or do several things in parallel. Right?

Unfortunately, wrong.

Multitasking leads to chaos and distraction. You are more likely to make mistakes in the process, you waste energy trying to constantly switch focus, and results of your work are average at best.

The more you multitask the less accomplished you feel. 

I propose an alternative way to organize your day and life:

Focusing on one thing at a time.

It is better because:

  • You will give each task or activity your full and undivided attention, and as a result you will be much happier with what you have accomplished
  • That sense of accomplishment will give you an energy boost required to complete your next task, and you will be motivated to do it because you will feel good about yourself!

But here comes a million-dollar question:

"How in the world can I focus on one thing at a time when everything is urgent?"

And this is exactly what the Life Mapping Workshop is for.

What to expect

During this 90-minute Zoom collaborative session, we will work together on a shared online whiteboard to build the map of your life. 

1 /

First, we will identify all the parts that your life consists of—because there is more to it than just “work” and “life”!

2 /

Second, we will dive into your core values. You will discover that each part of your life plays an important role in your wellbeing, and that the right question to ask yourself is not “What is most important?”, but “What is most important right now?” You will learn how your values can help you answer this question.

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Third, we will tap into your personal strengths. You will uncover your unique qualities and abilities that you can (and should!) engage when you are looking for confidence to push back on things that have to wait. 

4 /

Finally, we will cover the 4-quadrant prioritization framework that will help you identify the right priorities at any point in time—without feeling rushed, without having to multitask, and without worrying that you are forgetting something important. 

You will walk away from the Life Mapping Workshop having a complete map of your life, knowing exactly how to set the right priorities and how to actually stay focused on those priorities—in a way that feels good and brings energy and fulfillment into your life.

Your investment:


  • 90-minute private collaboration session
  • Online visual map of your life
  • 4-quadrant prioritization framework
  • Plus two printable workbooks to discover your strengths and values

(Or schedule a free 30-minute consultation first to make sure this session is the right fit for you.)

Meet your facilitator

Hello, my name is Olena Mytruk. I am a life design educator, and the Founder and Chief Education Officer of Breverie—a company providing unique learning programs and experiences for modern multifaceted women designed to equip them with the essential life skills and tools required to successfully cope with their busy lives.

My students are hard-working, high-achieving millennial women. Many of them are working mothers, and all of them wear many different hats and juggle a lot of duties and responsibilities every day. 

If this is you, then you are in the right place.

Using a combination of positive psychology studies, mindfulness practices, personal growth tools, systems thinking approach, and experiential learning methods, I teach my students how to maximize their time and energy and how to steer their lives in the right direction no matter what challenges they might face along the way.

Book your Life Mapping Workshop today:

  • 90-minute private collaboration session
  • Online visual map of your life
  • 4-quadrant prioritization framework
  • Plus two printable workbooks to discover your strengths and values


Or schedule a free 30-minute consultation first to see if the Life Mapping Workshop is the right fit for you.