life design academy


Your Time

In 12 weeks, equip yourself with the complete Life Design toolkit—so that you can purposefully introduce, sustain, and enhance the positive change in your busy life.

Here is the problem...

Here is the problem...

In order to introduce long-lasting positive change in your life, you need four things: time, energy, clarity, and confidence.

Ironically, these are the same four things you never seem to have enough of. 

Does it mean that there is no way out? No. But it means that you need a new way out. 

Because, if the old ways worked, you wouldn’t be here today, right?

Introducing the new way to change your busy life for the better—once and for all

Life Design Academy

The Life Design Academy is a 12-week online practical learning program built to equip you with the proven 7-component Life Design framework—so that you can maximize your time, energy, strength, potential, and ultimately your life.

the curriculum

Inside the Life Design Academy, you will learn all about...

Module 1


Being present, mindfulness and intentionality

Module 2

Life Map

Holistic structure of your life, habits, patterns and behaviours

Module 3

(Part 1)

Core values, productivity, meaning and purpose

Module 4

(Part 2)

Personal strengths, confidence, saying “no”

Module 5

Focus & Capacity

Setting the right priorities, staying focused on the essential

Module 6

Goals & Motivation

Clarity, different types of life goals, setting the right goals

Module 7

Belief System

Reframing limiting beliefs, building positive beliefs

"What's amazing about Olena's teaching style is that she is very honest and transparent and it feels in every conversation. She goes deep in her explanations and shares real life examples of what works or what doesn't (equally important). She isn't afraid to share some difficulties she encountered in her own journey which only adds to her authenticity and makes her system proven and tested."

Alina M

But that is not all!

Once you complete the main curriculum, it is time to put your strengths, talents, and newly mastered life skills to use. It is time for the most fun, exciting, and impactful part of the whole program—the Big Dream Graduation Project.

Make your dreams come true

Who do you aspire to be?
What are you passionate about?
What have you always wanted to try?

The Big Dream Graduation Project is your unique opportunity to find answers to these questions.

You will take one of your secret dreams and, using everything you learned, start turning it into reality—in 4 weeks.

  • First, you will define an idea—one that deeply inspires and motivates you.
  • Second, you will create action plan and free up capacity needed to execute on it.Third, you will develop the strengths you need and will overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs that will stand in the way.

But don’t worry—you won’t be doing it alone.

Throughout the whole process, you will be supported by other students and personally by your trainer so that—whether it’s setting up a photo exhibition in your office, recording your first song, starting a YouTube channel, hosting a roundtable on important topic within your community, or anything else that your soul desires—you are fully set up for success.

And once you successfully complete your project, we will celebrate together!

Meet your trainer

Hello! My name is Olena Mytruk. I am a life design educator, and the Founder and Chief Education Officer of Breverie—a company committed to equipping modern multifaceted women with the essential life skills and tools required to successfully cope with their busy lives.

Nine years ago, when I was trying to piece my life together, I would give anything to find a school where I could learn all the skills I needed. But there was no such school...

I find it fascinating that we learn so many different skills in school, and yet, for some reason, no one teaches us the most important skills—skills on how to successfully navigate our lives

How are we supposed to know what to do?
Are we supposed to figure it all out every time on our own?

It is inefficient at best, and harmful at most.

I wanted to change it. This is why I created the Life Design Academy.

Your investment


  • 12 weeks inside the Life Design Academy—live classes, roundables, workshops, and Q&A sessions (+recordings of all sessions)
  • Accountability and support throughout the duration of the program, including the 4-week Big Dream Graduation Project
  • All supporting materials and workbooks
  • Online student platform and accompanying mobile app for the duration of the program