Laws of the Universe – Part 2

June 28, 2022

Written by

Breverie Team

Continuing on in our series, we are taking on the next four laws of the Universe and showing you how they could change your whole perspective!

Grab your pen and paper and get ready to take some notes. If you’re ready to truly make a change and live your best life, Breverie’s got you.

#5: Inspired Action

We must take real, actionable steps to invite in what we want.

The motivation to ACT comes from within.

Now that you’ve created the foundation of self-confidence and you truly believe in yourself, you can push the boundaries and begin the process of reaching your goals.

But I love my comfort zone…

We at Breverie help you break down actions into small steps. This will give you that big picture confidence!

#6: Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Everything is constantly evolving.

The world and people around you are always changing. You can let that affect you negatively or positively, the choice is yours.

Starting small habits such as meditation, journaling, practicing gratitude – they can all create seismic shifts in your growth.

I’ve never done meditation and I don’t own a journal…

That’s OK! With the Breverie app, your digital journal is always in your pocket! We want you to easily reap the healthy benefits that journaling has to offer.

#7: Cause & Effect

Every action in the Universe will have a reaction.

What you have to remember, though, is that not every action will have an immediate reaction. Patience and a positive mindset are key.

“I want. I can. I will.” This resilient framework will guide you and allow you to have faith and embrace the process.

My mood changes daily, sometimes moment to moment. It’s hard to find the patience to sustain me…

Breverie’s Daily Mood Tracker helps you learn about yourself moment to moment. Your feelings. Your emotions. And you control how often to use it!

#8: Compensation

Your efforts will always come back to you positively.

You will be rewarded uniquely for what you put out into the world. Small or large, the Universe will give back what you put into it.

How will I know I’m doing well?

Breverie loves to celebrate every step! Our app uniquely gives you awards for each achievement.

Remember, small wins help you achieve big goals. ?

Can you picture yourself achieving goals and building a life you love yet? If not, don’t worry – the last four universal laws may just do the trick!

What universal law is resonating with you the most so far?

The Breverie Team ❤️

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