Laws of the Universe – Part 1

June 21, 2022

Written by

Breverie Team

There are 12 laws of the Universe. The most widely known is, of course, the Law of Attraction. But there are so many more that can really help you find a new perspective on life and use the power of positive thinking and personal alignment.

These ancient laws are designed to help you “master life” in every aspect. Help you create a life that you can be proud of. Help you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams.

We have recently rebranded our Breverie message and the laws of attraction align with what we want to do for you!

We hope that this series of posts really open your eyes to new ways of thinking and new perspectives that help you fearlessly pursue what’s written in your heart and build a better world knowing your authentic self.

#1: Divine Oneness

All thoughts, actions, and events are interconnected.

Everything is intertwined. Everything has a ripple effect. When a new positive habit is formed, we find motivation to create a new habit and another one. Each bit of success cycles us through to find even more drive and ambition.

Every little thing you do or change makes a difference.

But I am a people-pleaser and I prioritize others’ needs before my own…

Breverie offers daily reminders of your potential and the importance of realizing it!

#2: Vibration

Our vibrational frequency informs our lived experience.

Your personal vibration should correlate with the vibration of your desires. Find goals that align with what you want your life to look like.

We are always in motion, though, so be prepared to feel that push and pull – navigate it wisely.

I have so many goals that I feel like I am stretched too thin…

Breverie offers firm roadmaps that make your goals feel more within reach and more in line with YOU!

#3: Correspondence

Our reality is a mirror of what’s happening inside of us.

Repeated pattern. Those patterns are what determine our path, our world, our reality. You may be doing things to hinder your success sub-consciously, not knowing that you are your own roadblock.

Put new habits and new choices into action so your reality matches your inner wants and needs.

Self-doubt and fear constantly holds me back…

Breverie is a safe, self-love building container that helps you recognize the worth of your desires and helps keep promises to yourself!

#4: Attraction

Like attracts like. You attain what you focus on.

The most common and well-known universal law. Believing in yourself is the must-have foundation in order to flourish.

Focus on what matters and the positive will naturally attract positive outcomes.

I lack clarity and motivation, though…

Breverie’s inspirational content will help you stay the course!

Stay tuned for the next four laws of the Universe that will help you manifest, visualize, grow, and succeed!

How have you used the laws of the Universe to push you toward success? Leave us a message in the comment section.

The Breverie Team ❤️

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