I’ve set my goals, but how do I stay motivated?

October 29, 2021

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Breverie Team

Our past blog posts have talked a lot about the definition of a good goal, goal setting, and how to set goals that are perfect for you. But what about motivation?

We’ve discussed self love, self appreciation, and getting into the proper mindset for success. But along the journey, we need to have the motivation to complete the task. We have to sustain our motivation through our journey of reaching our goals.

But how, you ask?

Below are some of our team’s favorite ways to deal with a lack of motivation:

Use affirmations

There is no place for negative self talk in my life.
I am completely and utterly in love with myself

We are big fans of daily affirmations here at Breverie. Sometimes they feel weird to say, but creating that daily ritual will get you used to them in no time – and they do wonders with your motivation!

Have you ever said these things to yourself? Do you verbally encourage yourself every step of the way? Negative self talk can not only slow you down, but it can make you lose motivation altogether. Positivity is a mindset and a must-have ?

But how are affirmations different from positive thinking?

Positive thinking is simply a way to pivot from negative thoughts. Affirmations ,if done properly, can rewire your brain so that you are MAKING positive changes. It’s the difference between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Without adding emotion and feelings to your positive mindset the way affirmations do, your subconscious mind is not activated. Our emotions ARE our beliefs.

Try these affirmations right now:

Stop procrastinating. Start acting

We can come up with reasons for ourselves as to why we SHOULDN’T have dreams or aspirations way too quickly. Our very own limiting beliefs sometimes are our biggest enemies.

First – allow yourself to pursue your passions.
Second – set your first milestone.
Third – achieve this milestone, take the time to celebrate. Then set a new one.

Also, make sure you have some kind of calendar to help you manage your time. Whether it’s on your phone, your desk, or the wall of your office – there’s something about writing/typing things down. It helps us to remember and follow-through. Or try Breverie app – it has been specifically designed to help you stay focused and encouraged ?

Remember, your end goal might seem to be overwhelmingly far, so focusing on your nearest milestone can help you keep you motivation level high!

Bring the fun!

Find something fun to do that helps you enjoy the journey itself – it will help you stay driven. Get creative and think outside the box!

If we aren’t having fun, what’s the point? Right? If you love yourself enough to create a goal in the first place, you have to love yourself along the way too ❤️

And don’t forget to celebrate each milestone! Small or large.


See the road ahead. See the end result. What do you see? What do you hope for?

It may take you longer than you thought, or you may have a few bumps in the road that you didn’t plan for. But the end goal is what it’s all about. It’s your WHY.

What do you want the end game to be? Do you want to own your own business? Lose weight after baby? Make more time for self care? Take that dream vacation with your loved ones?

The goal itself doesn’t matter, it’s the value it brings to you that matters. Always keep that value in mind, and it will inspire you to continue on!

Remember – your motivation is always with you

Sometimes you might feel like you lost out motivation. But in fact motivation is like blue sky above your head – it might be covered with clouds sometimes, so you don’t see it, but it’s still there! You just need to wait for the clouds to go away, and here it is – clear blue sky again!

You might have your “cloudy” days, but those are temporary, and be sure that sun will come out again with no doubt!

What helps you stay motivated? ? Let us know in the comments below!

With Love,
Breverie team ?

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