Find your purpose – Part 2 – Your passions and aspirations

October 5, 2021

Written by

Breverie Team

Welcome to Part 2 of the “Find your purpose” series! In Part 1 you learned various ways to love and appreciate yourself just the way you are. We also gave you a few challenges to help create new habits. And today we will dig into your true passions and aspirations. We at Breverie want to try and find out what motivates and inspires you so you can fulfill your biggest dreams.

As usual, grab your journal, and let’s go!

Here are the questions we would like you to answer today:

  • When do you feel the happiest? When was the last time you felt really happy and what happened that made you feel that way?
  • Who/What inspires you? Write down at least three people/books/movies that represent a true inspiration for you. Why do they inspire you and what is special about them?
  • What motivates you? What are the activities that, when you do them, you feel excited and alive? Try to name at least three. Why do you think those activities motivate and inspire you?
  • What makes you feel accomplished? Remember the last time you felt accomplished – when was it, what made you feel that way? Why?
  • If you had three wishes, what would they be?

So, now that you have answered all of these questions, we have a challenge for you!
We are going to picture your DREAM LIFE! ?

The rules of the game:

Firstly, we are going to pretend that money is not an issue – imagine that you don’t have to think about how to feed yourself or your family. So you can do anything you want.

Secondly, pretend that you can live anywhere in the world!

Now that we’ve set the rules – close your eyes and picture the perfect day of your life.

Let’s start with the place.

We want you to think of every little detail of where you live. Is it a penthouse in the city? A beach bungalow? A house on the lake? What do the exterior and interior of your place look like?

Do you have your answer? Good!

Let’s see what your day looks like.

Do you wake up early, or do you stay in bed until noon? Do you go to the office of the company where you are the CEO, or do you work from your garden? Or maybe you don’t work at all! ?

Who is there with you?

Your family, friends, or colleagues? Your pets? Are you alone?

Remember, this is all about you and YOUR perfect day! Don’t try to please anyone else.

What are your activities throughout the day?

Is your day filled with events, or is it really relaxing and laid back?

How do you feel throughout the day?

Why do you feel that way? What exactly makes you feel that way?

Your emotions are so important to acknowledge.

Now that you know where you would like to be, we are already halfway through! Your passions and aspirations go hand-in-hand. Continually come back to your journal to remind yourself of your passions (what you love to do) and aspirations (your desire to achieve a goal).

And in Part 3 we will talk about some limiting beliefs that might prevent you from beginning the path toward your dream life.

Share with us your answers to these questions in the comments below. We’d love to hear more about your passions and aspirations! ??

What is your perfect day like?

With Love,
Breverie Team ?

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