Find your purpose – Part 3 – Limiting beliefs

October 15, 2021

Written by

Breverie Team

Part 3 of our “Find your purpose” series is here! In Part 2, we created a vision of your dream life. Today it’s time to see what exactly is preventing you from getting there. What are your limiting beliefs?

Do you have your journal ready? Let’s do it! ?

Below are some of the most common beliefs that we need to overcome in order to live a happy and successful life. Along with the mindset shifts that will give you the freedom to start:

I need to have a full plan

Belief: I have to have a detailed plan in place before I start taking action.

Mindset Shift: It’s enough to understand the end goal and the first several steps.

It’s really tempting to have a full plan, but in many cases, it’s impossible. Moreover, sometimes we spend so much time creating a plan, that by the time it’s finalized it is already outdated!

At that point, you have to start all over. But you don’t want it to be a year from now and still be in the planning phase, right?

It’s time to DO! Trust your journey. You will uncover the next steps along the way.

I don’t have support

Belief: My family and friends don’t support me. Therefore, I can’t do anything.

Mindset Shift: It’s my dream, my passion. It’s worth pursuing and fighting for.

Of course, a supportive environment is extremely important, but it’s still YOUR idea. At the end of the day, you are accountable for making it happen. You can’t solely rely on others.

Also, it could possibly be a sign that some people just shouldn’t be in your life. It’s a hard decision to make and realize, but in the end, it’s a decision for a better life. For a better future.

If I make a mistake, that means it’s not for me

Belief: Successful people don’t make mistakes. If I make a mistake, it means I don’t know what I’m doing.

Mindset Shift: Mistakes are part of my journey. Everyone makes mistakes. Successful people find success because they pick themselves back up again and continue the work after every bump in the road. They make it work.

Embrace your mistakes, learn to love and appreciate them. They are your opportunity to learn and to grow.

I’m afraid of failure

Belief: What if “X” goes wrong? What am I going to do then?! I’m afraid of the outcome.

Mindset Shift: Okay. If “X” goes wrong, then I will do “Y”.

For every fear that you have, come up with a plan on how to address it. Write this down. Now, you will probably realize that it’s not as scary as you thought it would be.

And the best part? If that fear does materialize, you already have a plan in place to execute!

I want it to be perfect

Belief: It’s either all or nothing. No compromises.

Mindset Shift: In most cases, good enough is good enough.

The truth is, you are the only person who knows what perfection is. A chef may prepare a wonderful meal and still be disappointed because it’s not what he/she envisioned. But others will find it delicious!

Important: You still want to be proud of your results. Whatever compromises you had to make should not conflict with your core values.

Go ahead, take action. Put yourself out there and see what happens! Maybe what you thought was perfection is in fact not what you want!

You will never find out until you try.

And remember…

If you don’t have all the resources to achieve your goal, obtaining resources should become your goal!

Don’t allow your limiting beliefs to hold you back! And we will see you in Part 4 (final!) of the series where we will create an action plan together!

Share with us your thoughts in the comments below. What’s preventing you from achieving your goals and your dreams? What are your limiting beliefs?

With Love,
The Breverie Team ?

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