The Page About the Mustang Convertible, Parking Brake, and Feeling Badass

Episode 60

We often measure our success, or how cool and bold we are by the specific actions we take, and by the results of these actions. And if for some reason we fail, we immediately start doubting ourselves and our worth.

In this episode, take a trip to Hawaii with me and learn how I went from super embarrassed and beating myself up to feeling badass, proud, and ready to laugh about it.

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Nobody drives convertibles in Ukraine. I mean, somebody does, but you don’t see them on the street every day.

It wasn’t until me and Dasha moved to California that I started seeing cars with their top down all the time. I used to only see convertibles in Hollywood movies, and now suddenly it feels like every second car you see is a convertible. 

Of course, Southern California has the perfect weather for this type of car. It’s always warm and sunny, and you put the top down, and drive along the coast, and you blast music, and let the wind play with your hair, and anytime you look up you see the clear blue sky and the tall skinny palm trees – this is the real California dreamin’!

We moved to Los Angeles in April of 2017. I absolutely love traveling, I’ve been to more than 20 countries, but I never had a chance to explore the US until then. There were so many places in this country that had been sitting on my bucket list, but they were too far away, and all the hassle with getting visas, and flights with 3 layovers…

But now I can easily get there!

Hawaii was definitely at the top of my list. And so once we settled, I quickly booked a 7-day trip to Maui for me and Dasha – it was gonna happen a few months later, in October.

I didn’t want to simply stay at the hotel – I wanted to see the whole island. 

I put probably a hundred pins on Google Maps with all the places I wanted to visit, so of course we needed a car.

Once I started looking at the rental cars in Maui, I quickly realized that the cheapest and easiest car to rent on the island was a Ford Mustang convertible.

“Awesome! I’ll have a chance to drive a convertible – how cool is that!”

The car is booked, and so are the three different AirBnBs – we are ready to go.

October cannot come soon enough, but finally, it’s time for us to get on a plane.

We land in Maui, get our luggage, and head to the car rental place. Shortly after, we walk outside to the parking lot, and I am proudly holding the keys to my first ever convertible in my hand. 

Here she is – waiting for us – a beautiful bright orange Mustang.

How exciting!

I put the luggage in the trunk, install the booster seat for Dasha. I get in the driver’s seat, turn on the engine, and of course, I immediately put the top down. 

“Wow, mom, this is so cool!” – Dasha shares my excitement

“Yeah I know!”

I can’t stop smiling – it’s going to be an amazing trip. I set the navigation to our first stop – an AirBnB in the mountainous part of the island.

And then we drove away from the parking lot…

Now, here is something important you need to know.

I never had a car in Ukraine. I simply didn’t need it –I would use public transport to get everywhere. I did go to the driver’s school and got my driver’s license back in 2010, but honestly I had no idea what I was doing, and to this day it amazes me that I actually passed my exam – I was driving stick and I got so stressed and so afraid of the examiner that I stalled my car. 

So, basically although I had my driver’s license, I didn’t think I would ever use it. 

Until I moved to the US.

I knew I would need a car in California – there was just no way around it. And so about a month before we moved, I took an express 3-week driving course – thank god this time it was an automatic transmission, so it was much easier.

And so before our Hawaii trip, I had about 6 months of driving experience, with probably the last 3 months without people honking at me all the time.

Alright, so when me and Dasha are leaving the parking lot on Maui, I am still pretty new to driving.

As soon as we exit the parking lot, something starts beeping, and some red icon begins to blink on the dashboard.

“Hummm, what can it be?” – I ask myself.

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Until next time,

Olena xx

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