5 Days Of Meaningful Chats

Want to double your energy in 5 days?

Join this FREE 5-day guided FB Messenger experience, and boost your energy so that you actually have capacity to do what you love and be there for who you love after a hard day at work.

(In spite of the winter gloom, and without having to stock up on supplements and energy drinks.)

Only 10 minutes a day
Working mother approved


Hi, I’m Olena Mytruk. I’m a personal growth educator for high-achieving working mothers.

And I am here to bring harmony, power and freedom into your life.

I know firsthand what it feels like to be telling yourself,
“I work too much. I put my job first. I am a bad mother”. 

I also know that it doesn't have to be like that. 

It's not one or the other. It's not an absolute. Career and motherhood do not have to compete in your life. Instead, they can, and should, complement, support, and fuel each other.

But how, you ask?

This is exactly where I come in. My job is to equip you to overcome guilt once and for all and design a colorful, meaningful, impactful, authentic, and sustainable life – life that feels good to you and sets the best example for those looking up to you.

Sounds like something you'd want?

Then my new "5 Days Of Meaningful Chats" experience is the perfect first step for you.

For 5 days, you'll be receiving messages from me as you go about your daily life.

I’ll prompt you to set focus and intention in the morning, to manage stress that creeps in in the afternoon, and to reflect on your day in the evening.

You will practice mindfulness and gratitude, will uncover your strengths and talents, and will begin to truly appreciate your busy, multifaceted life.

You will leave this experience feeling twice as energized as you were at the start – without having to put your busy life on pause.

Ready to begin?