The Page About the Christmas Tree, Big Ribbon Bow, and Perfection


The Page About the Christmas Tree, Big Ribbon Bow, and Perfection


I am sitting on the couch, and this beautiful red and gold unfinished bow is lying on my lap. I am fully covered in glitter that fell off the ribbon, I am looking at the Christmas tree in front of me, and I want to cry…

I love Christmas – always have.

As a kid, I would be looking forward to the Christmas season every year. And there was one day that I was looking forward to in particular – a day that in my family marked the official arrival of the holiday season. 

It was the day when we would decorate our Christmas tree.

My parents would pull out a bunch of old dusty boxes from the top of the shelves, all full of ornaments, garlands, and string lights. My dad would help me put the lights on the tree, and then I would put on all the ornaments and other decorations. I would play with various arrangements and would not stop until my Christmas tree looked perfect.

I loved it.

I grew up, and I already am a parent myself, but still, every year I look forward to the day when we bring home our Christmas tree and decorate it. 

I also like to come up with a theme every year. Two years ago we went for a very minimalistic black and white theme, and Kevin suggested we do the same this year. 

But I had a completely different idea in mind. This year, I envisioned the opposite – I wanted to go all in on a classic red and gold theme, and really I wanted to overdo it.

You know when you go to a business center or shopping mall around Christmas these days, you see these breathtakingly beautiful, professionally decorated huge trees, and they are completely covered in all sorts of ornaments – so much so that you can barely see the tree itself behind them. All you can see are those fairies and flowers, and millions of balls hanging beautifully in clusters, and huge sparkly bows made of ribbons of all shades of red and gold…

This is what I wanted this year. 

I wanted my Christmas tree this year to be absolutely perfect.

I had just learned this cool little trick of how to arrange balls in clusters so you don’t have to put them on a tree one by one.

I also had some memories of how to make bows out of ribbons – I used to make cute little bows for Dasha when she was born.

So I was sure I could make my tree look exactly like the picture that I had in my head.

All I needed was ribbons and red and golden ornaments. A LOT of ornaments.

There is this one place in Houston that is absolutely the to-go place for all things ornaments. We discovered this wholesale store two years ago, and let me tell you – it is a Disneyland for Christmas lovers. Anything you want, anything you can imagine, any possible ornament, and possible color, shape, theme, for any possible level of imagination – they have it there.

And so, a week before we are planning to buy our Christmas tree, I take my family there.

We grab a cart and embark on this adventure.

As we are strolling through the aisles, Kevin and Dasha start pointing to various ornaments that we see on the shelves.

“Honey, look at this ball – it looks so cool!”

“No, it’s not the tone of gold that I am looking for”

 “Mom, how about this red one – I think it will look really nice on the tree!”

“Sorry, but I am looking for a different texture”

I know exactly what I am looking for – that picture in my mind – and I am very committed to making it happen. I want it to be perfect!

One hour and a million arguments later, we have two carts that are full of red and golden Christmas balls of all possible sizes and textures. I feel satisfied, but I also need ribbons. 

We go to the ribbons department, and I grab 3 rolls of ribbon: one red, one golden lace, and the most beautiful one – a very wide, very thick, and high-quality sparkly one. 

I’d grab more, but my husband is giving a very distinct look saying,

“Honey, these rolls are 40 dollars each, so I think three is enough”.

Okay, okay…

Alright, I am done!

I am very very happy. I already envision putting clusters of all these new balls on the tree, and I can clearly picture how beautiful the tree will look once I decorate it with lots and lots of handmade bows.

My tree is going to look perfect.

I feel very excited! And even the fact that we just spent 600 dollars on the ornaments doesn’t ruin my excitement.

We exit the store with two huge bags full of ornaments, I feel like Santa carrying his sack of toys over shoulder.

Now we just need to go pick the tree and order delivery.

The next weekend is going to be wonderful.

To continue the story, listen… 

Until next time,

Olena xx

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