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The power of storytelling

The power of storytelling

My name is Olena Mytruk. Several years ago, I discovered the power of storytelling. And I never looked back.

Telling personal stories is one of the most powerful and most underrated self-discovery and personal growth tools ever invented. It is like making a peace pact with yourself.

Once you let it out—something that you kept deep inside for so long—it liberates you. And it finally starts to make sense. Your life, your deepest thoughts and desires, your wildest dreams and aspirations, your biggest fears and doubts—you finally get it.

Your memories and life stories are the pages in your very own life manual, or handbook. And all you need to do is be willing to look through those pages, read through them, and learn from them.

I believe that each one of us needs a life manual. And this is why I created Breverie Handbook.

Each episode of this podcast is one page—one story—about what it really takes to be a hardworking, passionate, multifaceted woman in today’s crazy world. 

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Do you have a story you die to share with the world?

Breverie Handbook is a place where multifaceted women can share their personal stories—freely, out loud, and from their heart.

I am sure there was a moment in your life that you will never forget—a moment that changed you forever. Maybe it was when something went horribly wrong, or maybe when it went perfectly right. Maybe you made an intentional decision to do something, or maybe it was a decision to not do something. Maybe you gained a lot, or maybe you lost a lot. Maybe you freely broke your usual pattern, or maybe you were forced to do it—and things completely shifted.

How did this experience change you? How did it transform who you are and how you see the world?

Each one of us has a story to tell—the world needs to hear yours.