Coffee & Talks LIVE Series: All things multi-passionate

April 20, 2022

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Coffee & Talks – All Things Multi-Passionate

“Accept who you are and embrace your talents.” ?⁠

On Apr 10, Olena Mytruk, the founder of Breverie, had a great conversation with Kate Kim from Multipassionate Genius. If you missed our LIVE, then keep reading, or go watch the full video at the bottom of the page for lots and lots of insights and inspiration! ?⁠

And be sure to check out Kate’s Instagram page. ?⁠


My name is Olena. I’m the founder of Breverie. And I’m very excited to be joined by Kate today. Kate is the growth strategist from Multipassionate Genius. She helps multi-passionate people figure it all out. I am so excited and I just can’t wait to dive into all these questions about how to navigate all of our novelty passions.

But before we dive into it, do you mind telling us a bit more about yourself and how you ended up where you are right now?

Yeah, absolutely. Hi, everybody. My name is Kate. I’m a growth coach. But I’m also trying to figure it out. There’s a nature of a multi-passionate and I have so much to offer. But mainly what I love the most is to help someone find their dream and make that their dream activation. So I love dream initiating. I love finding ways to make someone’s desire happen in real life. I love exploring ideas I have. Having developed some strategies and tactics to really hone in on how we can really narrow down our ideas to find the viable ones. And how can we make it all happen later on. So I just absolutely love doing all this work.

My background is in corporate. I’ve been working in many different industries and different roles. Including hospitality as a hotel front desk sales and marketing coordinator, PR, marketing assistant, event planner, program manager, and project manager. I have been recently consulting for startup events. I’ve been doing event planning pretty seriously as well. And that’s what I love. I’m an expert celebrator so I love celebrating things. So, that’s basically who I am. I live in Atlanta. We just moved here six months ago from California and Northern California.

So how did you get into coaching and helping other people?

When I was younger, I had a hard time picking one thing. When we’re in society, we’re conditioned to pick one thing to be successful in life. And for me, it was just so hard because I loved writing at that time.When I was younger, I used to write poems. I’m originally from Korea. So I would write in Korean. And my interest was I want to write things, I want to be able to speak and write things in English. Equivalent to my native tongue. So then I got into learning about English and I self-taught my English.

My interests are everywhere. I wanted to be a pianist. At one point, I wanted to be a singer. And I wanted to be an interior designer at one point. So, all of these things don’t necessarily co-relate to one another. It’s frustrating, right? So, I chose hospitality because it was relatively easy. I’m very personable, I love people, and I could see myself in the service industry. I love being in the hotel.

After that, I thought that was my path. I joined the internship, I got my first job and I’ve been working in hospitality for four or five years. Even within there, I changed jobs to the sales marketing team. After a couple years, I was done with it. You know, that feeling like you’re kind of done with this task. So then you are and you’re starting to look elsewhere. I then got a job as a marketing assistant. And then I left the hotel industry and got into the regular corporate world. My interests continuously changed. My timeline is basically about one to two years. After one to two years, I tend to find some other interests.

So along this journey, about 15 years of working, I kind of accidentally did that. But my method for finding a career was basically four steps. Which are you learn everything you can within your industry. Because as a multi-passionate, I believe that we have a genius, or this frame that can innovate things. They can find a new opportunity and find the gap that not many people see. So I’ve kind of found that part of me. The second part is to innovate something. The third part is you teach to other people and for you leave for another quest. So I kind of accidentally did that. But now I’m looking at it. To us, finding one job career path is not really for us. It’s for other people.

“But I realized that we shouldn’t fit into the mold.”

Just because that’s popular, that’s the norm. So I became very passionate about that part. I really need to be an advocate for not having to choose. Not having people feel really guilty about changing jobs, which I’ve also been in those shoes as well. But I really wanted to be the advocate. I want to share more of this story so that people know that they’re not alone. Because when I was growing up, I never knew there was this kind of a personality, or this kind of trade is okay. I thought there was something wrong with me. But no.

So basically, this journey started because I wanted to help the younger generation who are looking to build their career. Who are kind of a bit confused, and who are feeling like, okay, what am I supposed to do? I have so many interests. I can offer so many different things. But it’s so hard for me to choose one thing.

“What I’m here to say is that we can do it all. We just need to be strategic. We just need to figure out what part of the path we want to put into our own agenda. Instead of us fitting into everybody else’s agenda.”

So that was my desire. And I and I started trying to find people. Other people because I know there were hints. Like there were people talking about polymath, Renaissance people. I’ve been hearing this multi-potential. I’ve been hearing multi-passionate, all these words. So I’ve been doing my own research. I’ve been trying to find more people. And I’ve realized there are so many people actually expressing that they are one. And trust me, when I talk about multi-passionates, there are so many different types of multi-passionates as well.

So we can’t just fit into one box, which is amazing. Because we’re naturally artists, we’re naturally creative. Naturally, we’re born to create things, innovate, and make our own path in our own way. So that’s why I’m so passionate. And, you know, I’m very new to this industry. I have been coaching and I’ve been finding a very big shift in people. It’s not so much about tactics, it’s all about our mindset. When you start shifting your mindset, then you will see the right path that you need to take. This has been really fascinating and interesting.

So, you’re saying we should let ourselves explore our passions while we’re passionate about them? And maybe, if in a couple of years from now, your priorities change… That’s fine!

Yeah, very much. I am learning to be more and more generous to myself, you know. Letting myself decide. Because we have these incredible tools within us. We have this tool called intuition. And we are not taught to really embrace this part because it is super powerful. Whenever I go against my gut feeling, I always regret it. I should have gone that way or I should have done that. So I don’t know if you know about this. In 2016, I got on this spiritual journey where I learned meditation. I even wrote a short book about how to meditate as a beginner. I just want to share whatever I learn. But, we’ve never been taught how to listen to ourselves. I was learning meditation. Being still with ourselves. And naturally, I get to really observe my own self and my own intuition.

From then on, I was able to actually shift my energy really quickly. I’m naturally a very positive person, but a lot of times in, especially the corporate world, you do get thrown into something and you get really stressed out. After I discovered meditation, I learned that your emotion only lasts 9 seconds. So if your feeling of upset, and your anger doesn’t last longer than 90 seconds, it means you’re real looping. Continuously thinking about things that are there. That’s why it’s getting longer. But when we are really present with ourselves, when we practice how to work with our own feeling, or on intuition, things can get really easy.

And also, for me, like you said, it doesn’t have to be set in stone. We can change however many times we want. If I decided to do that today, if I don’t feel like it tomorrow, that’s fine. That means I just have to pivot and I just have to find the other way. Which probably will be better anyways.

“So I’m just really giving myself grace and giving myself permission to listen to myself.”

Also, because we’re talking about the corporate world, I have gained and I have elevated myself over the years through this practice. And I have created my own reality. So my standards also get changed, if that makes sense. I am no longer okay with some of the nonsense that I was okay with back in the day. So it also then goes back to self-worthiness. It all kind of ties in later on.

But yes, definitely giving myself permission to be okay with the change, because change is inevitable for us. Multi-passionate – our brain works in different ways. I work very differently. Some other people may see it as scattered, or they may say, “why can’t you focus on one thing.?” Because, my brain works that way — I can get things done in one minute. It’s done already. So then I move on to the next two. There are just so many things to talk about!

How do we navigate all of this? How do we pick that one thing that we can work on today?

So I’m going to tell you one very powerful exercise you can literally start right now. One is the Career Path Framework.

There are four steps:
  • Learn
  • Innovate
  • Teach
  • Leave

If you were to follow this path, can you see the pattern of your own journey? I want you to really think about that exercise and how powerful it is. Take a talent journal. As multi-passionates, we know how to do a lot of different things. And oftentimes, because it does come easily to us, we discount the fact that we know a lot of things.

So whatever the journey that you are on, in order for you to really embrace all the parts of you and your interests is to know what you are, what you are good at, and what you’re interested in. We don’t normally do this exercise, but I like to do it in, let’s say on a piece of paper. One part – you’re going to write all the things that you have been involved with, learned, or know how to do personally. And the other side would be professionally.

So personally, I’ve done interior design. I studied a little bit. I know how to cook very well. Also, I know how to use a very good espresso. I also know dog grooming. And I know hair trimming. Let yourself go and just write down everything. Everything that you know how to do. Did you crack the code of how to navigate or organize your closet very well? That could be one.

So write down everything professionally. Write down all the things as well. What have you done so far? Write down all your things. And how this exercise come about for me is when I was incorporated, we always have this like performance review, right? I know I’ve done a really great job. But I blanked out. I don’t really remember all the things and I’m the best advocate for myself. I need to really keep up with it. So I started keeping track of what I’ve done.

It’s hard for me to just go back in and think about it all the time. Every time I did something, something that I believe that was pretty good. This was well done. I just put it on my dock and let’s keep a note of it later on. You look at it. It’s incredible. It’s really incredible. So this exercise, keeping your success lists, keeping your talent list, and keeping your knowledge list is so powerful. Think about this and start creating your talent journal.

Interesting. I’ve never thought about it this way. We focus too much on what we do wrong. The mistakes we make. But for some reason, we never focus on what we do right!

Exactly! You mentioned something about what amazing thing happened today. Keeping track of those is like you doing your mindset work. I do that all the time, too. Literally, I was doing that. And then I created my own journal. So other people can also do it.

My journal includes:
  • Three amazing things that happened yesterday?
  • Three things that you’re looking forward to today?
  • Things you’re grateful for today?
  • One Daily Affirmation

I’ve been doing this every day. Just these three questions of three things of everything. Sometimes you want to go back and look at what you wrote. I didn’t realize it actually came true. I write my affirmation as if I already have those and I already am those.

And I didn’t even realize that it was a very powerful moment. We’re working with our subconscious minds all day long. Whether or not we know. I believe that our natural self is actually not natural. It is habitually conditioned by your circumstances, your environment, your family, culture. Whatever it is, it is habitually conditioned. So I decided that this is not who I want to be, and I’m going to intentionally change to who I admire to be. If I can envision my ideal self, I can totally become it.

This is what I’m meant to live. This is what I’m going towards every single day. And we are living in our own bubble pretty much. This is the reality you and I may consume either similar or different content, I don’t know. But it could be completely different with someone from, you know, Paris, for example. They might see all the content and they may think that is normal.

So all this reality is created by ourselves. And when I realized that, nothing really mattered. What everybody thinks about me doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, this is the world that I’m living in. This is the world that I am creating. So, hopefully, this is empowering and inspiring for others. I want them to know they can make this change if they can desire something.

This is my mission behind Breverie as well. I really believe that we all have dreams, we can all pursue those dreams, and we can achieve them.

Yes, we shouldn’t be afraid to take the unknown path. So I have a podcast, by the way. Recently, I had one of my friends on and she is multi-passionate. She, out of the blue, went to Shanghai and lived there for six years. Maybe it’s not so shocking. She didn’t know the language. She didn’t have any cultural experience. Nothing. She just went there and she liked it, so she stayed. She ended up teaching English for six years and then came back because of the pandemic.

It is very fascinating. And the one common thread that I am starting to find is that they’re not afraid of unknown paths. And if I was afraid that I’m moving over here, or really coming out of a really unhealthy relationship or anything like that. If I was afraid, and if I were to just keep myself safe, none of this would have happened.Because we didn’t know it was a breaking point. It was scary. But we just did it anyway. You always come out of it beautifully.

“Our goal is to create our own bubble that we are happy with.”

If you’re going to be in a good mood, this is the bubble we’re trying to create is the friend group. If the media I mean, I haven’t been watching the news forever, since I was 22. I am 37 now. But I haven’t been watching the news. If it is a big enough issue for me to know, I get to know it because it is everywhere. Or I get to hear it from my family. But I don’t always tune in to watch movies jroutinely at the end of the day. And it’s just bombarded with drama and gossip.

The media does tend to twist things and make us upset about things and make it look even worse than what is. So I decided that I’m not going to watch them. That’s not the reality that I want to be close to in order for me to really maintain the positive energy that I like, naturally. It is hard work. I try not to connect with people who are just giving me negative feelings. I have no problem disconnecting myself from it. And I don’t argue with it. I let it be and I don’t get close to it. I create my own bubble. The ideal world that I want to live in. So I think that’s the goal.

Have you found any practical side of things that have helped you to really embrace multiple different passions? What has your journey been like so far?

It has been a long journey, that’s for sure. And a lot of it has been about really self-discovery and really letting myself be patient and listen. There were times when I had to wait for several months for the decisions to grow inside me. And that was terrible. For me. I’m the type of person who likes to plan things ahead. I want to know when it will happen. So for me to sit on the seat and just wait and be hopeful that “Oh, I will wake up and I will know what to do.” It’s not me, it’s really hard.

But this has proved to be working really well. And all the main decisions that I’ve made in my life like moving to the United States, breaking up with my ex-husband when I knew that the family was not working anymore, starting my own business, etc. When I let myself really settle and really come to the decision naturally, I just felt so much different. And when that happens, I just don’t look back. I just get so excited about all the good that’s going to happen. So, it just completely changes your attitude and the way you look at things.

But what I have found helpful, especially when I need to find one priority among different things that are on my plate, is asking and answering a couple of questions.

Do I really have everything that I need right now to start taking action on this goal, for example?
How soon can I really get any tangible results, and how important is it to me?

So for example, if I have three big goals, and I know that one is a very long term, and I really don’t have much to do on it right, now, I need to work on something to get really started on that. Maybe I’ll put it aside. Because I want to get the momentum going. So I will probably pick something that can give me a faster win, that can really create that positive feedback loop. That way I can see some results faster. And because that will give me more energy to keep going. I’ve also learned over the years that our self-confidence really can really grow or disappear. Depending on how we approach things.

I realized recently that even with my fitness journey, I have been successful in the last four years for the first time in my life. This has improved my self-confidence overall. When I know that in the gym, I can do real things. I feel like it helps me realize that I can do anything in my business, or I can overcome any struggles. So I think really letting yourself work on those small wins and build upon them. Take bigger steps. It’s really helpful instead of trying to climb Everest without any training and failing. Then just sitting and crying about how you failed.

YES to everything we’re talking about today! I feel like it all really comes back to our self-acceptance and self-awareness. Really listening to our own intuition.

Recently, I got a chance to write my own kind of journey from the very beginning, as long as I can remember to up until now. So I just wrote everything. Everything about my life, everything that is significant to me. I realized that I’ve been through a lot. There had been a lot of overcoming happening that I did it so seamlessly. Nobody even knew that it was going to do that. And then there are certain times that I could have just given up. I could have ended my life or I could have just taken drugs.

But I didn’t. I believed in myself and I overcame. I even came up much more powerful than I could have ever imagined.

So when I looked at that journey, when I was just reading my paper, I realized I’m definitely a courageous woman. I’ve been through a lot and there is so much confirmation that I see here in my own wnriting, that I am a strong woman. Therefore, I have all the right to become confident. I’m going to just embrace that. I might not feel confident at times. Right? But that’s not the point we decide. We decide who we want to be.

What would you say to the people who are struggling to navigate their multi-passionate selves?

Accept yourself. Know that there is nothing wrong with you. Start looking at things differently. Flip the script. Ask yourself, what could work for me to navigate and accommodate all of my interests? How can I be a benefit to the world? How can I create something to help others with all the things that I have?

Everyone certainly has gifts and we must embrace and just start thinking about how can we tap into them more. How can we use it for good? And when you find the avenue that can help others, it comes easily. You’ll say, “I can totally use this part for this, this path. And I can use this other part for the other path.”

You will see different paths unfold for you. But just look at them differently. You’re built different. Accept that and embrace it.

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What a fun conversation we had with multi-passionate expert, Kate Kim @multipassionategenius!

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