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And shape the future that our children will live in.

I believe that human potential is limitless.

I believe that, once we embrace who we are and take charge of our lives, we can achieve unbelievable things. I believe that, in the long term, it is the only way for us as humanity to sustain our world. 

I believe in setting the best example for our children today in order to shape the future they will be living in tomorrow. And I believe that setting the best example means being the best example. 

Which means designing and living our best life.

I know that there are roadblocks that stand in the way: chaos and emergencies, pressure and guilt, constant rush and exhaustion.

I want to remove these roadblocks—once and for all, and for every woman.

My name is Olena Mytruk

My name is Olena Mytruk

In 2015, I stepped onto a challenging journey—a journey of recreating my life after everything I had been building up to that point suddenly fell apart. 

I had no idea what I was doing. I was making mistakes and was trying to find answers. I was learning along the way. 

Five years later, in 2020, I realized that many women in the world are struggling with the same challenges—women who could benefit from my learnings and my experience. 

This is when Breverie was born.

"What's amazing about Olena's teaching style is that she is very honest and transparent and it feels in every conversation. She goes deep in her explanations and shares real life examples of what works or what doesn't (equally important). She isn't afraid to share some difficulties she encountered in her own journey which only adds to her authenticity and makes her system proven and tested."

Alina M

There are several ways I can help you—choose the one that fits you best.

For women who have a specific need here and now:

Mindcation Retreat

Do you feel like you desperately need a vacation? Then this 3-hour online personal guided experience is perfect for you. You’ll leave feeling recharged, refreshed, and with a renewed sense of clarity about your life—all without having to leave your family or having to take them on an expensive (and stressful) trip.

Life Mapping Workshop

Is your life in constant chaos and all over the place? Then this 90-minute online individual workshop is made for you. It will equip you with a fully mapped-out structure of your life and an exact framework for setting priorities that feel right—so that you can get things done without multitasking or worrying that you forgot something important. 

For women who want to be fully equipped to design their best life

Life Design Academy

I built this unique 12-week online practical learning program with a sole purpose in mind: to equip modern multifaceted women with the complete life design toolkit required to successfully navigate a busy life in today’s fast-paced and complicated world.

Imagine an educational program that has all the most impactful, fun, and exciting parts of the learning experience—such as engaging practical projects, group debates and brainstorming, deep connections, and lifetime friendships—while leaving behind strict schedules, useless tests, and boring lectures.

This is what the Life Design Academy is like. 

The #1 storytelling podcast for the modern woman who is ready to embrace who she is and take charge of her life.

Several years ago, I discovered that telling personal stories is a very powerful self-discovery tool.

It's like a handbook. Our memories and life stories are like pages in our very own life manual, and all we need to do is be willing to look through those pages, read them, and learn from them.

I believe that each one of us needs a life manual. This is why I started the Breverie Handbook podcast.

Every episode of the Breverie Handbook podcast is one page—one story. 

Join me on this journey as I, together with the podcast guests, try to figure out what it really takes to be a hardworking, passionate, multifaceted woman in today’s crazy world. 

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