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Hello Life Designer!

My name is Olena Mytruk

I'm a life design coach and mentor for modern, busy, mission-driven women – just like you. I am also the creator of the Breverie Life Design System.

But I am NOT your usual life coach.

My goal is NOT for you to need me forever, or to have you depend on me for the rest of your life. Instead, my goal is to equip you with everything you need in order to successfully design your life on your own terms.

"What's amazing about Olena's coaching style is that she is very honest and transparent and it feels in every conversation. She goes deep in her explanations and shares real life examples of what works or what doesn't (equally important). She isn't afraid to share some difficulties she encountered in her own journey which only adds to her authenticity and makes her system proven and tested. Thank you Olena <3"

A work-in-progress life designer :)

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Master Life Design?

Join me inside Breverie 10X – my signature Life Design mastery program created specifically for busy mission-driven professional and entrepreneurial women.

Experience 6 full months filled with learning and practicing, coaching and guidance, mentorship and real life experience, collaboration, accountability and support – and successfully design your life around who you are, what you believe and what you want to achieve.

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Free resources for you...

mini video series
"How to find 3 extra hours in a day"

In just 1 hour, learn how to find more time in your day without stress and overwhelm, without multitasking and without sacrificing your sleep.

practical EXERCISE
"Stress SOS button" exercise

Learn how to reduce your level of stress in any challenging situation, and identify the way to solve the problem – in less than 5 minutes.

printable workbook
"Discovering your core values"

Connect with who you are and discover what is truly important to you in life with this printable workbook packed with thought-provoking questions and practical exercises.

printable workbook
"Learning your personal strengths"

Identify your TOP 5 biggest strengths and obtain the key to building self confidence with this printable workbook and its insightful and actionable questions and exercises.

printable dashboard
Weekly Focus Dashboard

Always stay focused on what's most important – easily display your 1 to 3 weekly priority items on your desk with this printable dashboard.


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