navigate your busy life toward happiness and success

Achieve more with less stress and overwhelm.


Your life is BUSY. And you've probably heard many times that BUSY is BAD. That you should stop being busy.

Well, you are not going to hear it on this website.

I LOVE being busy. In fact, I believe that BUSY is GOOD. And here's why. Being busy means that:

  • You are passionate.
  • You care.
  • Your life is full, interesting and exciting.

There is just one problem...


But you can't. And it makes you feel bad. 

You want to do and be 100% everywhere, and it upsets you when you fail to achieve this perfection over and over again.

But what if I told you that you DON'T need to get everything done? 

What if I told you that instead...

you need to get the right things done.

Things that matter. Things that are the most important. Things that are aligned with your vision, your values and your needs at this specific point in time.

So you can stay BUSY and actually feel GOOD.

Interested? Then keep on reading.

Welcome to Breverie – the most flexible life navigation system that will actually fit in your busy lifestyle.

We are not here to add more complexity to your already busy life. Instead, we are here to give you freedom – freedom to choose, freedom to be flexible, freedom to say "no", freedom to live your life on your terms. 

So that you can get the right things done, while feeling good.

What you need to do is follow this 6-step process:


Know your full life landscape

instead of seeing fragmented parts and pieces of it.


Have a vision

instead of a static plan.


Focus on what is essential

instead of considering everything as a priority.


Make most out of your life today

instead of waiting for things to get better in the future.


Maximize your strengths

instead of focusing on your weaknesses.


Embrace the change

instead of being afraid of it.

introducing the breverie circle

Your ultimate compass in life – a unique membership program сreated by a busy woman for busy women.

Hello, I'm Olena!

I am the founder of Breverie. I am also a busy mom and wife who has a corporate job and runs her own business. 

I know first hand what it feels like to navigate a crazy busy life every single day.

And that is why I created Breverie with YOU in mind – a busy woman who doesn't need another spreadsheet, another blueprint or another plan. 

Instead, Breverie is your life compass – so that, at any point in time, you know what matters most and what needs your focus and attention. And most importantly, know how to get it done and how to eliminate everything else.

Olena Mytruk

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Join Olena Mytruk as she goes personal and beneath the surface while navigating her very own life journey and learning how to be happy and successful – both at the same time. 

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