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Uncover Your Happy
Because you deserve it.
Your happy self will thank you later!
Uncover Your Happy
Because you deserve it.
Your happy self will thank you later!
You've been living your life giving all of yourself to others. But wait... when was the last time you focused on your needs?
4 key ingredients to a happier life
The truth is - you already have everything it takes to build a happier life for yourself. All you need to do is follow the steps below!
Understanding who you are
Getting to know what you really want, what your passions and aspirations are, what makes you happy is the first step on your journey.

As you work on answering these questions, remember to give yourself space and be patient with yourself.
Unfolding a path
Once you know what happiness means to you, it's time to set the goals that will help you get there.

Setting big goals might get overwhelming, so focus on the near future. Where do you want to be in four weeks from now? Work on that.
Taking daily actions
Setting goals is an important part of the journey, but it's just the beginning. The real magic is found in the steps and actions you take every day.

Align your daily habits and routines to your passions and aspirations, and you'll become unstoppable!
Focusing on the good
Way too often we focus on where we failed, on mistakes we made. While it is important to learn from those mistakes, it's even more important to focus on what we did right.

Learning to notice and appreciate your wins and to reward yourself for those wins is essential - this is what will keep you going!
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Wouldn't it be great if there was someone who could help you stay on top of your personal growth journey? Well, let us introduce you to this "someone"!
Do you want to achieve your goals? Live a happier life? Learn to prioritize yourself, your needs and your wellbeing?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions - we got you! Please meet Breverie - your virtual friend, cheerleader and accountability partner on all things personal development.

No matter what happiness and dream life mean to you, Breverie will help you get there!
Meet Breverie
With Breverie, your self development journey will be...
✨ Fun ✨
Because we want you to enjoy the journey itself, not just the end of it!
✨ Exciting ✨
You will not just set goals - you will start seeing results. And it will feel great!
✨ Rewarding ✨
Remember - you are here to achieve your dreams and to build a happier life!
✨ Insightful ✨
Uncover your magic power and get to know your true self!
Our Mission
Breverie is on a mission to empower girls and women around the world to achieve their dreams.

We believe that every girl and every woman on the planet has their own dreams, big or small, and that those dreams are worth pursuing.

We realize that there are things outside of our control. At the same time we believe that each one of us has inner magic power that is enough for us to live happier lives if we have courage to step onto our self development journey, if we are intentional about our dreams and if we stay focused and committed.

Breverie is here to help you uncover this magic power and to equip you with the tools you need in order to succeed on your journey.
Download Breverie app today and take advantage of the 1-month free trial.
(Then $7.99/month or $69.99/year)
Your journey to a happier self is just a tap away!
Created by a woman - for women
"In my life, I've had many moments of doubt, moments when I didn't know who I was, what I wanted or what I was doing. During those moments I wished I had someone by my side who would help me find the right answers by asking the right questions, or by cheering me up, or by giving me a friendly nudge in the back. And this is why Breverie was born." ❤️

- Olena Mytruk, Founder of Breverie
You are unique, and so are your dreams
You have your own starting point and your own definition of happiness. You will face your own challenges along the way. All of this makes your journey one of a kind.

Breverie is all about you and your journey. She is here for you every step of the way.
With Breverie, you will...
Get to know yourself
You will have your own safe space - space where you can focus on you, on your feelings and emotions.

You will be able to freely express your thoughts and to practice self care and self awareness.
I need Breverie!
Define a path toward a happier life
Together with Breverie, you will create your goals and will start taking actions toward achieving those goals.

You will be regularly checking your progress to ensure you are moving in the right direction.
I need Breverie!
Make consistent progress
You will build habits and routines that fit into your unique lifestyle, in any area of your life.

You will always know what's important to you today, and will be making consistent daily progress.
I need Breverie!
Stay inspired and motivated
We all have good days and bad days, days when we are full of motivation, and days when we feel lost and discouraged.

Breverie will never let you down - she'll be there to support you and to cheer you up right when you need it!
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Celebrate every victory
You will learn to notice your achievements and to appreciate how far you've come. You will be celebrating all of your successes along the way.

Because every achievement, even the smallest one, is worth celebrating and being proud of!
I need Breverie!
Words Of Love
"This app is so detailed, customizable, and interactive. I love the aesthetic and the layout, and I spend so much time on this app. Thank you so much for creating this!!"

"My favorite feature is the "How do you feel today?" It feels like my best friend is checking in on me!"
"Finally - an app that helps me achieve my goals, not just track them!"
You will love these features...
Journaling is a very powerful tool to express your thoughts and to practice self care and self awareness.

With Breverie, your digital journal is always in your pocket!
I need Breverie!
Daily mood tracking
It's amazing how much you can learn about yourself by focusing on your feelings and emotions.

Now you can easily track your mood daily, hourly, or as often as you prefer!
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Calendar and task tracker
Thanks to Breverie's easy to use and navigate calendar and habit tracker, you will always know what's on top of your to-do list for today.
I need Breverie!
Goal setting wizard
Breverie's uniquely designed goal setting wizard will help you set the goals that are right for you, in any area of your life.
I need Breverie!
Awards for achievements
It is so important to reward yourself for the effort and hard work that you are putting in.

Get that virtual shelf ready for all the awards you will receive throughout your journey!
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Regular guided self check sessions
"Am I making progress? Am I moving in the right direction?"

No more guessing! Thanks to Breverie's weekly and monthly guided self check sessions, you will always be sure that you are working on what's best for you.
I need Breverie!
Daily dose of inspiration and motivation
Always count on Breverie for that so much needed daily dose of encouragement, motivation and inspiration!
I need Breverie!
And that's not all!
Conveniently track all your habits and routines in one place
You no longer have to use 10 different apps for different areas of your personal development journey - Breverie will take care of it all!
Never worry about losing your progress
We know how busy you are, and spending 20 minutes in one sitting creating a goal might be a luxury that you can't afford. Don't worry - we got you! Breverie will always save your progress so you can come back to working on your dreams when you have time!
Push notifications that you will actually be looking forward to
We don't like those boring or salesy push notifications either! That's why Breverie will only be sending you helpful reminders and useful insights.
Your data is safe and secure
We will NEVER share it with anyone.
Support team that is one tap away - literally
We know how important it is to you to be able to talk to a real person if you have a question or experience an issue. That's why we've implemented an in-app chat so you can reach out to us - any day, any time. And we will respond!
Your journey toward achieving your dreams has never been more fun and exciting!
That's our promise ❤️
Your virtual best friend who is always there for you
Breverie is so much more than just an app! No matter where your self development journey takes you, Breverie will be there to guide you, support you and cheer you up!
Focused on your dreams, not someone else's
Breverie is all about helping you understand what your dreams and aspirations are, what happiness means to you and how you can succeed on this journey.
Created by a girl who, just like you, wants to achieve her dreams
As a mom, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, Olena understands what you are going through. She created Breverie first for herself, and now for you too.
Breverie community
You will never feel lonely on your journey anymore. Breverie is a community of brave women from all over the world who are pursuing their dreams - just as you are!
An app that is so pretty and cute that you just can't stop using it
Okay, we said it. Breverie is the cutest and the most Instagram-friendly personal development app out there! All your friends will be jealous when you post updates about your progress.
It's all about your achievements and victories!
Enough of focusing on what went wrong. Let's celebrate everything that you did right and how far you've come on your journey!
Download Breverie app today and take advantage of the 1-month free trial.
(Then $7.99/month or $69.99/year)
Are you ready to uncover your happy?